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Blog inerente le vertigini

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Tante sono le canzoni, poesie, testi dove la parola "vertigine" è in primo piano..in tutto il Mondo.

Emma Ejwertz - Dizzy Arms (Album)
Vestibular dilemma
Dizzy Arms

By Anna Jean Mallinson

The shambling creature
who has lurked in me since childhood
the one who has no language but a bawl
now lurches in my shoes,
stretches her legs in mine
weighs down my feet, trips me up
as I stagger
 through a swaying world:

The landscape seems fractured
by a demented animateur
who makes the sky's plates shift
on one another, as trees, buildings,
the horizon, tilt like items
on a surrealist canvas,
and I myself am the lonely puppeteer
who dangles this listing tableau vivant
from my peripatetic eyes

Il poema fu scritto dall'autrice nei primi giorni che seguivano il suo intervento di infiltrazione endotimpanica di gentamicina
Anna ha anche scritto un libro riguardo la sua esperienza
(c) Anna Jean Mallinson, all rights reserved

"OH MY VERTIGO" by K. Kuspa

(sung to the tune of "Oh Suzannah"...)

Oh, I spun so hard, the other night
I thought I was a top
I laid my head and tried to rest,
But it just would not stop!


Oh, the doctor said it was my ear,
The next said it was stress
Another gave me happy pills
He said I was depressed.


*OH, my vertigo!
*What have you done to me!
*I have left the land of sanity
*And am spinning endlessly!

The fourth said my neck was messed up
The vertebrae were skewed
So I went into traction
Just to please this fancy dude!


Another doctor saw me
She said it was migraine
and then she plainly told me
not to come back again!



Another said I'd had a stroke,
Another said, "AMEN!"
The eighth, she said, "A PLF!"
The ninth, he said "MM!"

My HMO is sick of me,
but "they'll do what they can;"
But then, I heard--it was a joke!
I was not in their plan!

K. Kuspa, c.1997

Vertigo from the inside.

I have eyes but I cannot see
I have ears but I cannot hear
I can touch but you cannot reach me
I am lying down but I cannot rest
I have food in my belly but it does me no good
Without the armchair of balance all else is lost.

Tim Keeping, Bristol, England. c. 2005